Q1: Do you allow pets in your homes?
A1: Depends on the rental.  We respect the wishes of our owners and if they allow it, so will we.

Q2: Will my cell phone have service at my cabin or condo?
A2: We cannot guarantee that any cabin or condo will or will not have cell phone service.  Each cell phone carrier will pick up @ different location in the mountains.  Some of our cabins and condos have land line telephones for use of 800 numbers, local numbers and emergency calls only.

Q3:  Will my GPS help me locate my cabin or local attractions?
A3: In most places your GPS will work fine, but we ask that you not rely on your GPS as your only means of locating your cabin.  Being in the mountains can cause your GPS to be very unreliable at times. Johnson & Company Resort Properties cannot be responsible for guests not finding thier cabin because they did not bring our directions with them on their trip.

Q4: Will we encounter wildlife?
A4: You are coming to the mountains, and if your lucky you will probably encounter wildlife of some type.  
Elk, mule deer, white tail deer, black bear, squirrels, chipmunks, are some of our most encountered wildlife.  Mountain lions, bobcats, moose, and wolves are also present, but rarely seen. Please be aware of their presence and help us prevent them from becoming a nuisance and bring in/store properly all garbage.  We encourage insect repellant in the summer months due to flying/biting insects.  Each of our homes are professionally treated for pests, but that cannot guarantee that you will not encounter some type of insect or bug in the cabin on occasion.  Most insects are seasonal and we can only try to prevent their presence not eliminate it.